Wisdom Teeth Removal in Paramus, NJ

Wisdom teeth extractions are one of the most common procedures performed by our oral surgeons in Paramus. Timely removal of impacted or problematic wisdom teeth helps patients avoid extensive dental complications down the road and reach their maximum oral health potential.

Comprehensive Oral Evaluation in Paramus

Dr. Shnayder and his team perform a detailed clinical evaluation of your wisdom teeth, including 3D imaging such as panoramic x-rays. This enables early diagnosis of potential impaction or misalignment issues. We generally first see wisdom tooth patients during adolescence, around ages 15-17, when the teeth are still developing under the gums. Identifying problems at this stage improves outcomes versus waiting until fully erupted.

During your exam, we also assess the size of your jaw and space available for wisdom tooth emergence. Lack of sufficient room increases chances of impaction. We educate patients and parents on all wisdom tooth treatment options, from a conservative watch-and-wait approach to preemptive removal surgery.

Advanced Sedation Options for Comfort

Our Paramus office offers a range of anesthesia choices tailored to your specific wisdom tooth extraction procedure:

  • Local anesthetic – This numbs only the localized area being operated on. You remain fully alert.
  • Nitrous oxide – Also known as laughing gas, this provides relaxation without impairment.
  • Oral sedation – Take a pill the morning of surgery for deep relaxation.
  • IV sedation – Sedative drugs administered through a vein to induce deep relaxation.

Our licensed anesthesiology team monitors you closely throughout the procedure for maximum safety. The majority of wisdom tooth patients prefer some level of sedation or general anesthesia for a comfortable, anxiety-free surgery experience.

The Day of Your Wisdom Tooth Surgery

We provide patients detailed instructions on how to prepare for surgery day:

  • Take any prescribed anti-inflammatory medication the day before to preemptively reduce swelling.
  • Refrain from eating or drinking anything, especially dairy, for at least 6 hours prior to surgery. This prevents anesthetic-induced nausea.
  • Arrange reliable transportation from a caregiver who can accompany you all day.

The surgery itself takes anywhere from 30-60 minutes depending on complexity. We follow rigorous protocols for sterilization and infection prevention. Our modern Paramus office features state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

Caring for Yourself Afterwards

Typical postoperative care guidelines include:

  • Sutures gradually dissolve within 3 to 5 days.
  • Take prescription pain relievers as needed per Dr. Shnayder’s instructions. Switch to over-the-counter options as pain subsides.
  • Gradually resume your normal diet, starting with soft foods, as tolerated.
  • Follow all recovery instructions provided by our Paramus oral surgery team.

We schedule follow-up appointments as needed to monitor your smooth healing. Excellent oral hygiene during recovery is also encouraged to prevent infection.

The Benefits of Timely Removal

Extracting wisdom teeth early, before their roots completely form, provides multiple benefits:

  • Prevents crowding issues if the teeth erupt and push on neighboring teeth
  • Avoids cysts or tumors forming from impacted tissue
  • Protects surrounding molars from decay or periodontal damage
  • Reduces risk of painful infections in the gums or jaw bone

Later removal in adulthood often involves longer healing time, more complex extractions, increased bleeding risk, and higher chances of complications like dry socket.

Affordable Oral Health in Paramus

The exact out-of-pocket cost for your wisdom tooth extraction depends on the precise difficulty and anesthesia required. Dental insurance plans often cover a portion of wisdom teeth treatments. Our team helps Paramus patients accurately file claims to maximize insurance coverage.

Contact our Paramus office today to schedule an exam with Dr. Shnayder. Let us provide the affordable wisdom tooth care you need for optimal oral wellness!