Teeth-In-An-Hour™ in Paramus, NJ

An advanced technique called Teeth-in-an-Hour allows patients to receive fully functional teeth on dental implants in a single 60-minute procedure at our Paramus office. This Nobel Biocare method combines the expertise of our oral surgeons and restorative specialists for precise implant placement and immediate prosthetic creation.

Advanced Planning for Success

Prior to surgery, a CT scan and 3D modeling ensures implants are positioned perfectly. The permanent prosthesis is also designed and manufactured ahead of time using advanced CAD/CAM technology.

Precise Computer-Guided Surgery

On surgery day, our Paramus oral surgeon performs flapless implant placement using computer-guided technology. There is no need to reflect a tissue flap, reducing postoperative discomfort.

Immediate Function and Esthetics

Once implants integrate with the jawbone, the pre-made custom prosthetic is secured in place. Patients leave with fully functional, natural-looking teeth the same day – in about an hour.

Faster Recovery in Paramus

Patients can often resume normal activities the next day thanks to:

  • Reduced swelling and bruising
  • Minimal pain
  • No need for temporaries
  • Immediately stable teeth

Get Your Smile Back Fast

Teeth-in-an-Hour offers Paramus patients major benefits over traditional implants:

  • Teeth restored in one visit
  • Comfortable minimally invasive procedure
  • Quick return to work and life
  • Natural-looking, functional prosthetic
  • Precise implant positioning
  • Long-lasting stable results

With this advanced technique, patients achieve a complete, beautiful smile in the convenience of a single appointment. Contact our Paramus office to learn more about transforming your smile in one hour!