Bone Grafting in Paramus, NJ

Over time, missing teeth can cause bone loss in your jaw. This “bone atrophy” often leads to shifting of remaining teeth and changes in facial structure. It also leaves inadequate bone volume and density for dental implant placement. In these cases, most patients are not candidates for implants.

Thanks to advanced techniques like bone grafting, we can now rebuild bone in the exact areas needed. This allows for dental implants specially sized and positioned for optimal function and aesthetics.

Major Bone Grafting Restores Your Jaw in Paramus

For implant sites with insufficient bone due to extractions, periodontal disease, or trauma, bone grafting can be a solution. Bone is harvested from the patient’s own tibia, hip, or jaw bone. It can also come from a tissue bank. Sinus lifts are another common procedure to increase bone in the posterior upper jaw. Resorbable membranes placed over the graft may also be used to retain it and promote faster bone growth. This is known as guided bone regeneration.

Major grafts can reconstruct significant jaw abnormalities from birth defects, tumor removal, or major injury. The patient’s own bone is used to repair substantial defects, often from the skull, hip bone, or shin. These complex procedures are performed in the operating room with an overnight hospital stay.

Precise 3D Imaging Advances Grafting in Paramus

At our Paramus office, we utilize advanced 3D imaging technology to plan bone grafts. The CS 9300 system creates detailed 3D models from cone beam CT scans. This unprecedented visualization optimizes graft positioning and size for each patient’s anatomy. Our skilled Paramus oral surgeons leverage this technology to craft customized bone grafting treatment plans.

With innovations like 3D imaging and bone grafting, we can restore the bone foundation needed for strong, functional dental implants. These cutting-edge techniques available in Paramus give patients with jaw bone loss new hope for a beautiful smile. To learn more about rebuilding your bone for implants, contact our Paramus office today.