Apicoectomy, Paramus NJ

Most injured teeth can be saved with a root canal procedure. But in some cases, lingering infection requires our Paramus oral surgeons to perform apicoectomy surgery. This procedure removes diseased tissue at the tooth root tip to stop further infection and salvage the tooth.

What is Apicoectomy Surgery?

Also known as root-end resection, apicoectomy involves:

  • An incision in the gums to access the tooth root
  • Removal of inflamed tissue surrounding the root
  • Cutting off the infected root tip
  • Sealing the resected root with a filling to prevent reinfection

Our Paramus oral surgeon, Dr. Shnayder, uses state-of-the-art microsurgical tools and 3D imaging guidance to perform precise apicoectomies while preserving as much healthy tooth structure as possible.

Who Needs Apicoectomy Treatment?

Patients experiencing any of the following may require apicoectomy surgery:

  • Discomfort and inflammation around a previously root treated tooth
  • Swelling at the root tip indicating failed previous root canal therapy
  • An abscess or cyst forming at the apex of the tooth root
  • Fracture at the root tip

Apicoectomy is a last attempt at saving a tooth after root canal failure before full extraction.

What to Expect During Recovery

Typical postoperative apicoectomy recovery involves:

  • Mild swelling and discomfort as the incision heals
  • Prescription pain medication to relieve any discomfort
  • Avoiding hard or sticky foods near the surgery site

With meticulous oral hygiene and proper care, patients can restore affected teeth to normal chewing function. We schedule follow-up appointments to monitor healing.

The Benefits of Tooth Preservation

Saving your natural teeth with apicoectomy provides many benefits:

  • Maintains your smile and ability to chew
  • Prevents bone loss from tooth extraction
  • Does not require a dental implant or bridge
  • Quickly restores teeth to full function
  • Far less invasive than extraction

Contact our Paramus office today to schedule an evaluation. Let our skilled surgeons provide the tooth preservation you deserve through precision apicoectomy. With this advanced gum surgery, you can maintain your oral health for years to come.