IV Sedation in Paramus, NJ

At Pristine Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, we are redefining the patient experience with our state-of-the-art CS 9300 3D imaging system. Available at our Paramus, NJ office, this technology provides unparalleled precision in diagnosis, treatment planning, and anesthesia delivery.

Unrivaled 3D Visualization Enhances Anesthesia Delivery

The CS 9300 uses advanced cone beam CT scanning to generate incredibly detailed 3D images. The level of visualization surpasses traditional CT scanners, producing digitally accurate models while reducing radiation exposure.

Our skilled anesthesia team leverages the CS 9300’s capabilities for a tailored approach unique to each patient’s needs. They can pinpoint the exact region requiring anesthesia and customize the field of view and scan settings. This unprecedented accuracy results in anesthesia being delivered only where needed, improving patient safety and comfort.

By concentrating anesthesia delivery with such precision, we minimize associated risks. Our patients experience ideal numbness in the area being treated without unnecessary spread of anesthesia to other regions.

Revolutionary Treatment Planning Improves Anesthesia Requirements

The CS 9300 gives our oral surgeons in Paramus a comprehensive overview for superior treatment planning. The unrivaled 3D detail allows for rapid sharing of images and collaboration with referring doctors to determine the optimal anesthesia requirements.

Patients can also be shown specifics of their case in an interactive 3D model. This improves their understanding of the anesthesia necessary for their procedure. Our Paramus team finds this technology invaluable for clearly explaining anesthesia needs and answering any patient questions.

Investing in Patient Safety and Satisfaction

At Pristine Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, patient comfort and care is our top priority. By acquiring cutting-edge tools like the CS 9300, our Paramus office delivers anesthesia with new levels of precision for oral surgery procedures.

This technology allows us to minimize anesthesia requirements and associated risks. We only use what is needed for the specific site being treated. Patients benefit from enhanced safety and a more positive experience overall.

By pairing our skilled clinicians with the latest advances in 3D imaging, we provide patients in Paramus access to the highest quality oral surgery care. Each aspect of the process, including anesthesia delivery, is meticulously planned and executed.

Experience the Future Today in Paramus

Our investment in the CS 9300 3D imaging system demonstrates our commitment to setting new standards for oral surgery in Paramus and beyond. Discover how this revolutionary technology can improve your care experience. Contact Pristine Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery today to schedule an appointment!