3D Imaging in Paramus, NJ

Cone Beam CT Scan

At our Paramus, New Jersey office, Pristine Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery now offers cutting-edge 3D scanning technology with the CS 9300 system. This brings unparalleled precision and accuracy to evaluations and treatments performed by Dr. Shnayder and his team. The CS 9300 utilizes cone beam CT technology rather than a conventional spiral CT scanner. This provides incredibly detailed 3D digital images while reducing radiation exposure for patients.

With the CS 9300 3D scanner, we can now perform a wider range of diagnoses and treatments right in our Paramus office, reducing the number of visits required. The scanner allows us to select the optimal field of view and focus on the specific area of concern for each patient’s needs. By concentrating on the region requiring attention, radiation exposure is minimized.

The unmatched anatomical detail provided by the CS 9300’s 3D technology assists Dr. Shnayder with treatment planning and helps him clearly explain specifics of each case to patients in Paramus. It also enables seamless collaboration with referring physicians, as 3D images of the area in question can be quickly shared. Together, this leads to enhanced patient experiences and optimal treatment outcomes.

By utilizing this cutting-edge 3D technology at our Paramus location, Dr. Shnayder and his team can evaluate potential issues with more accuracy, provide therapy with greater confidence, and deliver the highest level of oral and maxillofacial care.